Welcome to Australian Women’s Natural Body Sculpting Federation.

As the only all-female natural Federation in Australia, we offer the best opportunity for all women athletes in Australia to showcase their hard work and dedication it has taken them to compete on stage.

Our Federation is more than just a stage to showcase your hard efforts!  Our mission is to give back to each and every competitor, to engage with and understand what competitors want from events and deliver on this.  We are known within the industry as the Federation made for the competitor, which we have worked hard for at each and every show to deliver a high quality event and service to all our competitors.

In 2016 the AWNBS became an international affiliate Federation with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) and are proud to uphold their passion on providing the highest level platform for natural athletes to compete and stringent drug testing.

Our association with the WNBF allow us to reward athletes with the highest honour, their WNBF Pro Athlete Status which is recognised World Wide throughout their 28+ affiliate countries as well as provide the opportunity for Pro and Amateur athletes to compete against the best of the best natural athletes via a range of international competitions.

AWNBS Elite Athletes are eligible to compete for their WNBF Pro Cards which are awarded at various AWNBS events throughout the year.  Competitors are also able to earn their WNBF Pro Status at any international INBF/WNBF Pro/Am Events which we take our Australian Teams to compete – where there is the required number of registered competitors in order to reward, for a Pro Card.

We have the opportunity to crown up to 24 new WNBF Pro Athletes each year with the AWNBS and welcome these ladies into an exclusive league of Women who have achieved such status. 

Through our program of events across Australia, we offer women the opportunity to celebrate the rewards of their hard work and commitment.   All events are held in state of the art facilities and presented to the highest standard.

We offer a full range of event categories, from Bikini, Fitness, Swimsuit, Fit Body and Figure and a range of divisions within each including Age Groups, Novice, First Timer, Intermediate and Open.

The AWNBS permit ONLY 15 competitors on stage at any one time and each competitor has an individual stage walk which allows them one on one time in front of our judging panel.  This is a major element of our shows which have have an overwhelming response from our competitors, as it allows them to been seen by our judges and show off their physiques without having to fight for attention or having the chance of not being seen – this is a thing of the past at the AWNBS EVERY competitor gets their time to SHINE!

The AWNBS judging panel have been selected from the best and most experienced in the bodybuilding industry, who will be evaluating and awarding amazing prizes to all competitors that have excelled within their division.

What makes Australian Women’s Natural Body Sculpting different to any other competition in Australia?

  • It is a competition and network for females only
  • International Competition Travel Opportunities
  • Earning your Pro Athlete Status with the WNBF which is recognised World Wide
  • The judges are all professionals and have a set criteria for each category
  • There are a maximum of 15 people on stage per category, division and heat
  • There is a winner for every heat. All 1st place winners will become AWNBS Elite and will have a chance to win the overall category, as well as at selected events compete for their WNBF Pro Card
  • Places and walks are clearly marked on stage so that each and every contestant gets to have their moment to shine
  • Every competitor performs and individual stage walk the V-WALK offering a high level of stage time
  • AWNBS Members Only forum with the best in all fields to assist you on your journey

AWNBS believe that you are all winners and that everyone should be recognised for their achievements. Once you become an AWNBS member and as our Thank You, you will receive a our AWNBS Sports Bag, Singlet and Core 150 Standard Shaker AND at all AWNBS events competitors will also receive a bag that will be full of sponsors products or vouchers to say thank you for choosing our Federation and to reward yourself for your dedication and commitment to your journey to the stage.