In 2016 the AWNBS became the Australian International Affiliate Federation with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) and we are proud to uphold their passion on providing the highest level platform for natural athletes to compete and stringent drug testing.

Our association with the WNBF allows us to reward athletes with the highest honour, their WNBF Pro Athlete Status which is recognised World Wide throughout their 25 affiliate countries (and growing) as well as provide the opportunity for Pro and Amateur athletes to compete against the best of the best natural athletes via a range of international competitions across the globe and joining our Australian Team to the WNBF World Championships held internationally in the USA every November.

In order for ANY competitor to be eligible to compete for their WNBF Pro Card you must sit and pass a polygraph test 1-2 days prior to the show in which the Elite Division is offered.  This applies to any Amateur or Elite Athlete. If you receive your WNBF Pro Card you will be required to submit a urine analysis.

In order to be eligible to compete as a WNBF Professional Athlete in the Pro Divisions for Prize Money you must sit and pass a polygraph test 1-2 days prior to the show, ensure you are a registered WNBF Pro Athlete with the WNBF.  Pro athletes will also be required to submit a urine analysis. Pro Divisions are open to ANY WNBF Professional Athletes World Wide.  In the Pro Division you are competing to become the AUSTRALIAN WNBF PRO CHAMPION (best Pro Athlete in Australia) and receive a monetary Prize for Top 3 Placed – subject to returning a negative urine sample.

AWNBS Elite Athletes are competitors who from 2016 to present have placed 1st at any of our Events in their chosen Category (exception of Swimsuit).  Elite Athletes automatically qualify to compete in the Elite Division for their Pro Card – subject to passing their Polygraph test.  If an Elite competitor earns their Pro Card you are automatically moved up into our Pro Division for Prize Money on show day.

Elite Athletes do not have to compete in the Elite Division for their Pro Card IF they wish not too and are eligible to compete as an amateur until they receive their Pro Status.  This means any competitor who places 2nd an Elite Athlete will have the opportunity to register up into an Elite Division for their Pro Card at events AND any competitor in which the judging panel feel meets the criteria of a Pro Athlete (potentially a 3rr, 4th or 5th placed athlete) will also have the opportunity to move up – subject to sitting and passing a polygraph test 1-2 days prior to the show date.

In order to qualify for our Australian Team to the WNBF World Championships you must compete at an AWNBS Event in the year in which WNBF Worlds is held.  This applies to Amateur and WNBF Professional Athletes.

Any amateur competitor who is part of our Australian Team will have the opportunity at the WNBF World Championships to earn their WNBF Pro Card.

If you are unsure or have further questions with regards to the qualification process, earning and competing as and Elite or Pro Athlete please contact Jane or call Toby 0414 671 017 anytime.  We look forward to welcoming you to our stage!

You are always known as an Elite Athlete, you are the best athlete in your division with the AWNBS.  You have achieved the next step in order to become a Pro athlete and you do not have to re-qualify for your chance to compete as an Elite. AWNBS Elite provides you with opportunity to compete for your WNBF Pro Card where it is offered at AWNBS Events.

Elite Cards are awarded to all 1st place winners across ALL divisions at AWNBS Events.  These ladies on show day make up our Overall line Ups.

As an AWNBS Elite Card holder you can compete in any Category/Division you are eligible (excluding Novice if you have previously become and Overall Champion) including the Elite Division for your Pro Card.

No.  However, if you continue to consistently win 1st place we will ask you to take the step up to our Elite Division to compete. Remember it is always best to continually compete where you are challenged and up against the best competitors in your field.

If you have qualified as an Elite Athlete from 2016 to present you can compete in the Elite Divisions for your Pro Card at ANY of our events in which we have the Elite Division on offer.  You are also eligible to still compete at all our events if you wish in any amateur division in which you are eligible except for Novice.

Yes. However as the AWNBS continues to grow, if we do not get enough Pro Competitors to compete we will allow you to compete in our Elite Division. 

If a Pro Athlete Places Top 3 in an Elite Division (which we will allow until we grow as a Federation). We will still award the Top 3 placed Elite Division Competitors with their Pro Card eg. Pro Athlete Places 1st we would then award 2nd, 3rd and 4th place Elite Competitors with their WNBF Pro Cards.

As an AWNBS/WNBF Pro Athlete you are eligible to compete in our Pro Division on offer at events for Prize Money. These events are also open to any athletes associated with our WNBF affiliate countries, who wish to travel to Australia to compete against our Australian WNBF Pro Champions.

Figure, Fit Body, Bikini and Fitness.  These are all dependant on achieving the minimum numbers required per the WNBF in order to award WNBF Pro Cards.

Figure, Fit Body, Bikini and Fitness

You are eligible to compete at the next AWNBS Event in any category/division you qualify for and in the Elite Division again to earn your WNBF Pro Card if the category is on offer.

You must sit and pass a compulsory polygraph test one to two days out from competition AND on the day of the event provide a urine sample.  If you fail your Polygraph test you will be ineligible to compete and have a sentence ban in where you will be unable to compete with the AWNBS for a period of time up to 7 years.  Your registrations if failed will be non-refundable.

To read more on our banned substance view our Anti Doping Policy

You are recognised WORLD WIDE as a Natural Pro Athlete in your Category, you have the opportunity to compete in Australia and WNBF affiliate federations internationally for Pro Prize Money. At our Australian Events if you become the winner of the Pro Division you will become our Top Australian WNBF Pro Athlete… the Pro of Pro’s!


You must have competed at an AWNBS Event in the current year

You must be a current AWNBS Member

Yes.  As an amateur competitor joining our Australian Team you have the opportunity to compete against the best natural amateur athletes from across the World and potentially earn your WNBF Pro Card on the World stage.  Since 2016 we have had 3 of our Athletes earn Pro Cards at the World Championships.

WNBF Worlds provides the Top 3 Pro Athlete with Prize Money, unless specified otherwise.