Welcome to the AWNBS Stage Walk.

Your first on stage experience with the AWNBS will be your individual stage walk The V-WALK, this is your time to be seen individually by our judges. This walk is to be performed each and every time you go onto stage…this is your time to show our judges your physique with your BEST THREE poses!!

It is very important to know and understand the stage walk as well as the posing required when competing.  By watching our AWNBS V-Walk Tutorial Video below will provide you with a guide on the steps of the walk.  To understand more on the walk and posing, we suggest to attend an AWNBS Posing workshop so that you can further have your questions answered and your nerves eased. To find out more on our Posing Workshop dates please view our Social Media accounts @awnbsofficial on Instagram or @awnbs on Facebook OR email Jane info@awnbs.com.au

IMPORTANT:  Your selected 3 V-Walk poses reflect the posing you will be performing in that particular category.

  • Figure will perform Symmetry Posing Only
  • Fit Body can combine both Symmetry and Muscularity
  • Swimsuit/Fitness/Bikini will perform quarter turns (please no muscularity poses)


How the AWNBS Stage Walk Works:

  1. You will be called by the MC by your name and competitor number onto the stage.
  2. When you walk onto the stage follow the line marked which will take you directly to a cross being at the front and centre of the stage.
  3.  At this mark is where you get the opportunity for your three poses, so pick your best ones!!
  4. On completion of these poses, follow the opposite marked line back towards the back of the stage.
  5. Here our on stage helpers will guide you along the back of the stage where you will line up whilst all the competitors in your division perform their stage walks.
  6. Each competitor will continue the same routine until all competitors are lined up at the back of the stage.
  7. From here listen for the cues from the MC who will call you in groups to the marked locations on either the left, front or right of stage.
  8. Once everyone is in position the ladies located on the middle five marks on stage will go through their compulsory poses.  Please note all competitors who are on the left and right sides of stage are to hold their poses and be courteous of the ladies who are being judged at the time.
  9. On completion the MC will guide and swap competitors from the left and right hand sides of the stage until ALL competitors have performed their poses front and centre stage for our judging panel.
  10. From here the Judges will have a list of competitors who they would like to see again for posing front and centre stage.  Once completed the judges will go on to select Top 5 placed competitors.



  • Know your Competitor Number as the MC will be calling this out to move you around the stage
  • Keep your poses on your V-Walk to THREE only – be respectful of the other competitors in your division
  • Practice the Walk and know what the AWNBS are wanting
  • Attend an AWNBS Posing Workshop – so you can better understand the walk and posing if you are still unsure.
  • If you have questions please ask Jane anytime via email info@awnbs.com.au