In 2016 the AWNBS became an international affiliate Federation with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) and are proud to uphold their passion on providing the highest level platform for natural athletes to compete and stringent drug testing.

Our association with the WNBF allow us to reward athletes with the highest honour, their WNBF Pro Athlete Status which is recognised World Wide throughout their 11 affiliate countries as well as provide the opportunity for Pro and Amateur athletes to compete against the best of the best natural athletes via a range of international competitions.

As our relationship with the WNBF was created after the AWNBS was founded in 2015 you will see there are some different categories the AWNBS have verses the WNBF.  With the support of Bob and Tina from the WNBF we have been able to maintain our Fitness and Swimsuit Categories and ensure they have a place on the WNBF Stage.

You can see the options below for ladies who are competing with us in the AWNBS as to where they will meet the criteria to compete at WNBF Competitions.

Please note the AWNBS will not be offering a Swimsuit Model Pro Card at Nationals.  It will be purely the below options:

AWNBS Overall National Fitness Champion – WNBF Bikini Pro (Recognised World Wide)

AWNBS Overall National Bikini Champion – WNBF Bikini Pro (Recognised World Wide)

AWNBS Overall National Figure Champion – WNBF Figure Pro (Recognised World Wide)

AWNBS Overall National Fit Body Champion – WNBF Fit Body Pro (Recognised World Wide)

AWNBS Overall National Swimsuit Champion – AWNBS National Swimsuit Champion (Recognised in Australia)