The Bikini Division is a women’s physique division designed to find athletes with a fit and shapely body that is not heavily muscled or over defined. Your stature is to be graceful, confident and glamorous.


Bikini is scored; based on two Rounds – Physique and Overall Stage Presentation


Physique is is judged on the condition and balance achieved through a lightly muscled and not overly lean or hard appearing physique as compared to Fitness, Figure or Fit Body

Overall Presentation

Overall Presentation refers to the overall appearance of the athlete.  Stage presentation, hair, tanning, make up, and suit choice are encompassed in this round.


A Bikini Competitor will need to deliver a combination of these objectives:

  • Beautiful overall cosmetic appearance
  • Confidence and Elegance
  • Natural look
  • No visible abdominal separation or hard lines horizontal lines across abdominal
  • Overall appearance, hair/tan/make up, bikini style/cut, colour, physique symmetry all needs to work together
  • Confident Stage Walk and understanding of required stage posing
  • The upper and lower extremities should flow aesthetically when viewed from all sides creating a balanced and symmetrical appearance


First Timer
Competing for your first time ever OR in this particular category for the first time ever

Aged 16-23 years on the day of contest

First 12 months of competing – encompassing a consecutive Season A and B Event

Height 165cm or under

Height 165.01cm or above

Given birth to a child/children

Under 30
Ages 24 – 29 years on day of contest

30 and Over
30 years and over on day of contest

40 and Over
40 years and over on day of contest

Not placed top 3 in the AWNBS or other federations

Previously placed Top 3 in the AWNBS or other federations

Previously placed 1st in any AWNBS Event.  This division allows you to compete for your WNBF Pro Status. Compulsory Testing is required for this division.

Current WNBF Pro Athletes or athletes who earn their Pro Athlete Status on show day and are eligible to move up directly into our Pro Division


A traditional two-piece bikini is worn and may be multi-coloured or solid, and embellishments and jewellery is permitted.  Stage heels are required.  These can be with clear or diamante heel, with either clear toe and/or ankle straps.  Keeping height less than 6 inches is preferred, however you are best to select a heel that compliments and enhances your physique.


Each competitor will enter onto the stage individually performing the V-Walk which will be a clearly outlined tapped path on the stage. You can view our Stage Walk Video HERE for further reference.

Once each competitor has performed their individual stage walk all competitors are on stage ( maximum 15) the MC direct each competitor to the front of the stage to perform the symmetry round.

In the symmetry round, competitors situated middle of stage (maximum 5) will face the judging panel and perform four quarter turns as a group line-up, the MC will prompt competitors through each quarter turn, please listen and watch officials cue to perform the below turns:

  • Front Symmetry pose
  • Turn right
  • Left side symmetry pose
  • Turn right
  • Rear symmetry pose
  • Turn right
  • Right symmetry pose
  • Turn right
  • You are now facing the front

During the stage walk and compulsory quarter turns the judges will be assessing on stage presence and confidence, execution of quarter turns, stage walk, appearance, bikini selection and overall presentation.

Further comparisons and call outs of competitors may follow. On cue if you hear your number called you may be asked to come to the very front stage for the judges to make further comparisons. These comparisons may happen several times so please listen for instructions and your number while onstage to ensure a professional presence is kept.