AWNBS Categories, What is the Difference?

Upon competing there are many differences between our categories that the judging panel are looking for throughout the competition day.  Below are some image examples of the differences from Bikini into Fitness and Fitness into Figure and Fit Body.

Main Differences from Bikini into Fitness are:

  • Greater lean muscle development, more athletic physical appearance compared to Bikini Category, with visible six pack and muscular definition lines
  • Fitness Wear and White Sneaker Atire

Main Differences from Fitness into Figure/Fit Body are:

  • Higher level of muscular definition with a full and hard muscular appearance, low body fat percentage and it is highly important to have an even physique symmetry whilst maintaining a feminine shape
  • Posing is also different from Fitness into Figure and then from Figure into Fit Body.

Main Differences from Figure into Fit Body are:

  • Figure is judged on one Round of Symmetry only poses
  • Fit Body is judged on Two Rounds of Posing to include both Symmetry and Muscularity Poses


Can You Cross Over Categories?

Yes you can!  However be aware that your physique will generally suit one category over the other.  There are certain athletes who’s physique sit half and half between our criteria and there are some competitors who are able to pose well and shape their physique to suit two different categories, these ladies are a small percentage, however it can be achieved. There are also competitors who are looking to make the next step up between different categories such as the general progress from Bikini into Fitness and Fitness into Figure/Fit Body. These ladies compete at the next level also to get an understanding on where their physique is suited and what further areas they need to work on to be successful in making the next step. Remember we want you to compete where you are the most competitive and not for just the sake of competing.  If you are too hard for AWNBS Bikini, use the Swimsuit Category in which to make your cross over, we want you to feel comfortable, confident and competitive on stage.

Remembering that there is more to just the physique when judging. There is stage presence, confidence, your overall look, your posing (probably the most important behind physique). All these aspects are taken into account as well as the level of each athletes physique that steps onto stage.  Remember the judges can only judge on the level of physique they have on stage in front of them and they can only judge the physique you pose for them to see, if you have shoulders and a great back but don’t pose to show it, how can we judge on it, so make sure you practice your posing to show off all your hard work.

You can view a range of images below for all categories to understand the differences.

If you have further questions or require further clarification you can email


Bikini - Overall Champion 2016

Bikini - Overall Champion 2017

Bikini Overall 2018

Fitness - Overall Champion 2017

Figure Overall Champion 2018


Fitness - Overall Champion 2016

Fitness - Overall Champion 2017

Fitness Overall 2018





Figure - Overall Champion 2017

Fit Body

Fit Body - Overall Champion 2015

Fit Body - Overall Champion 2017

Swimsuit Overall Champion 2017

Swimsuit Overall Champion 2017

Swimsuit Overall Champion 2018