Do I need to be an AWNBS Member to be able to compete?

Yes. All competitiors MUST be a current AWNBS Member to compete at any of the AWNBS  events.  If you register prior to becoming a Member your registrations are NOT secured until your Membership is paid. You can become a Member HERE.

What is included in my Membership?

You receive an AWNBS Singlet, Core 150 Original Shaker and AWNBS Sports Bag.  This will either be ready for you to collect OR to be mail out.  You will also have access to our AWNBS Members Only Facebook Forum where there are updates and information on all things AWNBS that involve or affect our Members/Competitors.  Renewal Memberships receive a new Core 150 Original Shaker and AWNBS Singlet.

I haven't received an email with confirmation of my membership details.

Please contact us immediately if you have not received your confirmation after payment.

I've become a Member, however my log in link won't work.

Please contact us straight away so that we can correct your log in details.

Do I have to reside in QLD, to enter the AWNBS Events, which are all held in Brisbane?

No. As long as you are a current AWNBS member, you can compete from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.  WNBF Affiliated federations members are eligible to compete as long as their Membership is valid with their Federation.

Are you affilated with another Federation?

Yes. The AWNBS is proud to be the Australian Promoter and affiliate for the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation WNBF – since 2016.

I'm an international competitor from Overseas, what is required from me to compete in the AWNBS?

You must be a current AWNBS OR WNBF/INBF member in order to compete with the AWNBS in Australia.  All international competitors will have their Membership checked with the appropriate Federation Bodies to ensure it is up to date.

How many divisions can I register in?

You are eligible to register in any Category and their Divisions if you qualify to compete in it.  Please ensure you read and understand the Category and Division criteria in which you are registering in.

I am not too sure if I qualify for a category.

Please read over all the different category criteria first.  If you are still unsure please liaise with your coach.  If you do not have a coach and require further clarification please contact us.

Is my AWNBS Fitness Wear included in my registration?

All competitors competing in AWNBS Fitness, will need to purchase their Fitness Wear HERE. Over time the AWNBS will add to the colour range of our Fitness Wear in which then any colour can be used, so you do not need to purchase new fitness wear at every event unless you wish to change the colour.

Where do I book my Tan, Hair and Make Up for AWNBS Events?

From October 2017 AWNBS will be providing their own tan and will be the only onsite tanning team at our events.  All bookings and payments will be made directly with Jane at the AWNBS – Please email to book.

For Make Up and Hair our preferred partner and only onsite team will be It’s a Brow Thing you can book directly with them for their services, please click HERE and message their page.

How do I book my AWNBS Photography Package?

By heading to our SHOP you can select and purchase your Media Package for the current Seasons event, please search under Photography Products

Is there drug testing at AWNBS Events?

Yes.  The the Australian Women’s Natural Body Sculpting federation have their own Anti Doping Policy  and we also align with our International Affiliate and Anti Doping Policy from the WNBF and we Urine Test at ALL AWNBS Events. To award a WNBF Pro Card all competitors MUST sit a Polygraph test performed one to two days out from the event in which you can earn your WNBF Pro Status.

What testing is required as an AWNBS Elite or WNBF Pro Athlete?

All competitors competing in an Elite or Pro Division you need to sit a Polygraph test one to two days prior to the event. All competitors will be urine tested on event day.

How do I earn my WNBF Pro Status?

We have a series of stepping stones for competitors in order to see how they can achieve their WNBF Pro Status.  All 1st Place Winners from the AWNBS Events will be awarded with their Elite Card, which is the next step forward in competing for your Pro Status.  Please check which events will be offering the Elite divisions.

At which events can I compete for my WNBF Pro Card?

Opportunities to earn your Pro Status will be provided at any Super Show events each year. If you are an Elite Card Holder (all 1st place winners from AWNBS Events) you will be eligible to compete for your WNBF Pro Status.

I am a WNBF Pro. What divisions can I compete in with the AWNBS?

From October 2018 the AWNBS will have a Pro Division in Figure, Bikini, Fitness and Fit Body in which WNBF Pro Athletes can compete from Australia and any WNBF/INBF Affiliate country across the world, for Pro Prize money.

How many judges will there be?

Our Judging Panel consists of four people (two female and two male), with one being a head judge. The AWNBS Super Shows our Event Panel can be extended to consist of 5 Judges. Judging is a big focus at the AWNBS and we pride ourselves on meeting this criteria.

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