Welcome to the AWNBS Judging

The AWNBS Judging requirements are outlined to ensure you have a clear understanding what the AWNBS Judges are looking for in each of our Categories.  Each competitor will be judged on this criteria whilst they are on the stage. To ensure you score well, place or even win, read over the below requirements so that you have a better understanding to meet the criteria.

The AWNBS Place the Top 5 ladies in each division with in their category.


Scoring is on a scale of 1-5


  • Stage presence
  • Posing that suits your physique
  • Show elegance and class, hold and know your poses, present you
  • Know the posing requirements for your division
  • Meet all aspects of division guideline and appearance requirements
  • The overall symmetry of the competitor to ensure proportioned appearance
  • Must be well groomed, hair and makeup for an overall presentation


Any unfavourable posing will be marked down – please refrain from:

  • wiggling of butts
  • flirting
  • sticking butts out
  • being forceful for judging attention
  • Nothing provocative – if you are not prepared to do this in front of your family then please don’t do it in front of us. As above provide elegance and class, hold and know your poses – present YOU your product.
  • Stage suits should be specific to the division entered eg: Bikini suits are not designed for Figure therefore do not wear them in Figure and visa versa.
  • Understand and know the AWNBS V-Walk Criteria Correctly and ONLY pose 3 times at the top of stage. Your V-Walk is part of the judging process so ensure it is done correctly to avoid being marked down


  • Please know your poses and practice
  • Turns will be quarter turns to the right
  • Please listen for the MC to guide you through your turns and for any call outs
  • Know your competitor number for call outs


To understand where your physique best suits please click the image below.  From there you will be directed to our Categories page view the images, read the criteria, understand the differences and practice your stage walk and category posing.  If you are unsure of anything or have any questions please contact Jane info@awnbs.com.au

Our Judging Panel

We are proud to have had the same judging panel since our first event in October 2015. We are seeking to further expand our panel in 2019 and 2020 to accommodate a rotating roster of 5-7 judges.  If you are wanting to support our events by being involved on our panel, please contact toby@awnbs.com.au.

Head Judge – Jo Rogers
Judge – Tammie Sarkozy
Judge – Lene Inu
Judge – Glenn Kelly

We have also over the past 3 years expanded our panel at selected events, introduced our Pro Athletes and any athlete who are wanting to learn the judging process via our panel.

Our Judging Panel has over 80 Years of Bodybuilding Experience between them and have achieved multiple placings, over many divisions throughout their Bodybuilding careers on stage.  We are TRULY PROUD to have such a well qualified and experienced group of individuals come together as our Judging Team to critique and evaluate all the athletes who compete with us.


Judges as Coaches

We do have members of our Panel who coach athletes through competition preparation and have a process in place to ensure athletes understand that they are being judged fairly and honestly.

First and foremost we selected a panel in 2015 to uphold our Federation integrity and consistency with judging –  we trust and back our Judging Panel’s opinion and will always understand that decisions will come under scrutiny, however we’ve always welcomed anyone to contact us directly to discuss, clarify and understand ANY division placing. We will always continue to improve on all levels to support athletes, coaches and teams who compete at our events, to uphold a high level and standard of judging and event experience.

If a member of our Judging Panel has an athlete or multiple athletes on stage, they will step aside from the judging process and allow all other members of the panel to judge that particular division. To make this more visible for the athletes on stage, that member of our team will move themselves to the far end of the judging table and have no involvement in the judging process.  Our Head Judge has the final say on all aspects of judging and communicates with the emcee regarding first and second call outs and final placings.

We further recommend any athletes or coaches who need clarification OR have questions for our panel on show day to touch base with Toby backstage, so that we can we can seek clarification.

Judging Feedback is another process in which you can understand where you or your client needs to improve and also where they have excelled.  You can email Jane info@awnbs.com.au post our events to arrange for your or  your clients feedback.