Welcome to the AWNBS Judging

The AWNBS Judging requirements are outlined to ensure you have a clear understanding what the AWNBS Judges are looking for in each of our Categories.  Each competitor will be judged on this criteria whilst they are on the stage. To ensure you score well, place or even win, read over the below requirements so that you have a better understanding to meet the criteria.

The AWNBS Place the Top 5 ladies in each division with in their category.


Scoring is on a scale of 1-5


  • Stage presence
  • Posing that suits your physique
  • Show elegance and class, hold and know your poses, present you
  • Know the posing requirements for your division
  • Meet all aspects of division guideline and appearance requirements
  • The overall symmetry of the competitor to ensure proportioned appearance
  • Must be well groomed, hair and makeup for an overall presentation


Any unfavourable posing will be marked down – please refrain from:

  • wiggling of butts
  • flirting
  • sticking butts out
  • being forceful for judging attention
  • Nothing provocative – if you are not prepared to do this in front of your family then please don’t do it in front of us. As above provide elegance and class, hold and know your poses – present YOU your product.
  • Stage suits should be specific to the division entered eg: Bikini suits are not designed for Figure therefore do not wear them in Figure and visa versa.
  • Understand and know the AWNBS V-Walk Criteria Correctly and ONLY pose 3 times at the top of stage. Your V-Walk is part of the judging process so ensure it is done correctly to avoid being marked down


  • Please know your poses and practice
  • Turns will be quarter turns to the right
  • Please listen for the MC to guide you through your turns and for any call outs
  • Know your competitor number for call outs