Negativity – How Does It Impact Your Life


This post will seem a bit ironic, a post about getting rid of negativity that is quite negative. Quite funny!! Let’s see if you can get anything out of it.

Personally I don’t like the word or anything to do with it. I cut negative energy out years ago and have never felt better. It surrounds us every day in many channels. How best to deal with it and how best to avoid it? First I want you to have a think about the people you hang around. Your work circle at lunch, what do you talk about? I will go on about a conversation I heard two office workers had. Keep in mind this went for about 15 mins and there weren’t much pause.

  • Complain about the weather
  • Ask about weekend: Went to fast it was crappy weather, I was run down after week
  • Child was sick so my life sucked over weekend
  • Not looking forward to work this week
  • Footy team played terrible so In theory they should sack half the team
  • Slept in until 11am (complains about day going to fast)
  • Feel terrible (they drank all weekend)
  • Ate to much bad food but had to because of the event they attended
  • Complain about their weight/energy
  • Don’t have time to exercise (but can sleep in until 11am?? hmmmm)
  • Need a holiday
  • Coffee this morning was terrible
  • Boss in a bad mood
  • Complain about relationship

Now take a step back. THIS WAS THEIR ENTIRE CONVERSATION! Not 1 thing said was positive, complimentary, uplifting or productive.  There was no “Hey mate I like your shirt” “My weekend was GREAT I went out for dinner and it was AMAZING!” Not one bit of happiness. Yet they wonder how they are trapped in their 9-5 slog week after week,  year after year and feel this way.

This was a snippet of their day so I wonder how the rest of it went. Think about your circle of influence, who do you work with, what do they talk about, do they promote self progress and appreciation, do they compliment and do they inspire and aim to help those around them? What about your friends? Do they gossip or talk non-sense most of the time?

Alright so I have been talking pretty negatively this whole time however my point is exactly that negativity is draining… sooooo draining. If you are stuck with people that question and judge your every move and talk behind your back, move on and cut ties. All successful leaders of the world don’t subscribe to gossip or negative talk. They respect themselves and always stand up for what they believe in. If they are in a conversation that goes towards gossip or negative talk they will slowly walk away. It has no benefit to them. They are strong and so you should be.

So you had a day that consisted of missing the bus, someone cutting in front of you at the shops, getting shortchanged at the register. It doesn’t mean you have to tell everyone about it. WHY? Well it does no good to you to waste even more of your time talking about what already happened and those close to you couldn’t really care… really they don’t care. I don’t listen to radio or watch TV for this exact reason… full of gossip, junk and it wastes precious time.

Instead of that office worker sleeping in until 11, I wonder how they would have felt if they got up at 6 am went for a walk through a rainforest surrounded by rainfalls and nature, had breakfast at a park and met some new people and had an interesting conversation. I bet their attitude would have changed. They compliment their co-worker on a nice tie or a new haircut and I bet their day would have got off to a better start.

I can imagine these poor people going to work like this for 30-40 years saying the same things, don’t be like them. Life is too short for that.

We are all guilty of falling into a bit of negative talk every now and then but how much do you really do? Challenge yourself to not bring yourself down, to not gossip, not listen to gossip, turn off the radio, go for a walk at night instead of watching TV, compliment a stranger and SMILE as you walk around. View the effect you have on the world and the effect the world has back on YOU!


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