No Such Thing As A Problem

No such thing as a Problem

It seems to be a part of everyday life to deal with perceived problems. Our car doesn’t start, “Oh my day is going to be great” you may say to yourself, “I didn’t need this” you may think. Your bus is 15mins late, “Yeah great now I will miss my meeting” you whisper to yourself silently. Your perception of “problems” in your life dictates how well you live your life. A wise man once told me “There is no such thing as a problem, just small challenges” It’s how we attack these challenges that makes us who we are.

Let’s be honest here no matter how bad you think your situation may be at times there is plenty of men/women in this world  that would not only laugh at your problems they would WISH for them. Reality is we let our said problems control our lives and constantly be a negative influence. Many of us come from different socio-economical backgrounds, we have been brought up and nurtured different ways in different cultures, we have been given different societal advantages yet we can all still find problems in different scopes.

Sit down now and write a list of the things you think have been “Problems” for you the last week. Can you write anything down? Now think for a second that somewhere in the world right now and I MEAN RIGHT NOW someone has lost their entire family in a terrible accident, someone has been given terrible news about their health, there is someone who has become paraplegic, a hardworking man/woman has lost their life savings in the stock exchange. Yet they keep going and pushing because life is short and worrying gets you nowhere. Now how serious are your problems? Let’s think for a second and say to yourself “there is no such thing as a problem” everyone deals with challenges let’s tackle them with positivity, a smile and an attitude that screams “I’m going to kick ass today!”

Many of the world’s most successful people have gone through the toughest of adversity, it makes them who they are today, it allows them to inspire countless others and it brings life to many who feel they have none. Happy and successful people never compare and never judge because it gets them nowhere fast. Next time you spill your coffee over you new shirt have a laugh about it, a co-worker says something derogatory about you then throw them a compliment and smile back because it doesn’t bother you, didn’t get the promotion you wanted celebrate anyway because that happened for a reason.

Whatever stage you are at in life it’s no doubt you have dealt with adversity, however ask yourself have you let it become a character building experience or have you complained and whined about it the whole time and where did that get you?  Always remember another person would laugh at your problems.

Stop complaining start taking on the little challenges and keep your head high because you owe it to yourself to be the best version of you every day. Your future self will love you for it.



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