Perfecting Your Posing

With regards to posing, there are a lot of things, particularly bikini and fitness competitors tend to forget. You are not just up there posing, you are presenting a package you have spent ages creating and working on. In this respect, don’t just get up there, hit your poses and walk off. Get up there, be proud of what you have worked so hard for and display it confidently. Stage presence is a huge factor in regards to judging criteria in Fitness/Bodybuilding competitions.

So are there any other things I should be focusing on?

Yes, of course. There are many small things that go along with posing that can help make your time on stage more effective and get you a better score with the judges.

  1. Stage Presence

Obviously I discussed this briefly above, but stage presence is probably the most important aspect of your posing next to actually hitting your poses properly. If you’re not confident, you may look slouched, which can shorten your mid section and make it appear less conditioned than what it may be. The same can go for your legs and upper body.

  1. Positioning

Where and how you position yourself on stage is very important. If you are on the outside of the stage in the line-up as opposed to the inside, you are going to have to adjust your positioning on stage so you can still showcase your figure/physique in a way that would be deemed aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes people get in the wrong position, and it can completely ruin the look of their poses, even when they’re in terrific condition. This is important to practice, because often you don’t know where you’re going to be positioned on stage, so making sure you go through all the protocols necessary to achieve the correct positioning on stage.

  1. Hair

When posing, your hair, if it’s out, can be a bigger issue than what you may think. If you turn to the rear, and your hair is covering your back, the judges can’t see it. What does this mean? A very low score as all they can see is your lower body and that’s what you’ll be judged on. Same goes for the front and side poses. Having your hair flicked over your shoulders can ruin your symmetry and make you less appealing to the judges thus lowering your score, even if you’re in tremendous condition. You don’t want to be left scratching your head at the end just because you forgot about your hair. If you have a coach/posing coach, they should be addressing this accordingly. Some girls put their hair up in competition for this reason.

  1. Moving/Transitions

The way you move on stage and transition into each different pose can make or break you. If you have no skill in the art of transition, you will look stale moving into each pose and it will most definitely lower your score. Bodybuilding/Fitness is an art, which is very relevant to transitions. The way you transition can enhance or damage your condition by the hitting the right/wrong angles. In terms of moving on stage, it is important to be a stand out. This can be controversial as some people don’t agree with it, but I personally think it’s a good idea. If you are not being looked at in the line-up, move. Do something. Switch your hips over, change your foot position. Don’t go overboard and start dancing and flicking your hair around, but make smooth yet subtle movements to potentially enhance your condition and gain the judges condition.

If the judges are looking at you, don’t move! If you move when they are assessing your overall package, you could potentially ruin it by unbalancing your hips/shoulders or by putting yourself in a less appealing position and you could lower your score by doing so.

So what does all of this mean?

You need to PRACTICE! As you can see there are more parts of posing than just being in the right ‘pose.’

If you don’t practice and become exceptional at your posing well before you’re due to get on stage, then you’re going to be on stage thinking about how to just pose altogether and you won’t remember to do the small things that are going to set you apart from the group.

You want to be able to get up on stage and not have to think. By the time your show rolls around, you want to be able to get on stage and just do it habitually.


I hold posing classes every Sunday focusing on these things,  so you can book in by sending me an e-mail. I am also available for 1 on 1 posing sessions which are even more beneficial to you.


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