9:00am First Timer H1 & H2

9:30am Novice H1 & H2

10:00am Junior

10:15am Mums

10:25am Under 30

10:40am 30 and Over

10:55am 40 and Over

11:10am Intermediate

11:25am Open

11:40am Bikini Overall

12:00pm Elite and Pro


 Figure/Fit Body

12:45pm First Timer

1:00pm Novice

1:15pm Mums

1:30pm Junior, Under 30 and 30+

1:45pm 40+ and 50+

2:00pm Intermediate

2:15pm Open

2:30pm Fit Body Overall

2:45pm Elite and Pro


3:00pm Novice

3:15pm Under 30

3:30pm Over 30

3:45pm Open

4:00pm Swimsuit Overall



4:15pm First Timer

4:30pm Novice

4:45pm Junior

5:00pm Mums

5:15pm Under 30

5:30pm 30 and Over

5:45pm 40+ & 50+

6:00pm Intermediate

6:15pm Open

6:30pm Fitness Overall

6:45pm Elite & Pro

7:00pm Overall Champions and Pro Athletes Group Photos