Supps 101: L-Carnitine

When you hear fat burners, thermogenics, fat metabolisers you think supplements and gym. With the supplement industry being a billion dollar playing field for supplement companies there always seems to be a new product a new ingredient with a new athlete standing behind them promising “fat shredding ingredients” “burn fat while you rest” “ turn your body into a fat burning furnace” Always leaving you feeling you have been sold a tub of powder that promises you miracles and delivers you nothing but a sick tummy, headache and restless sleep.

Where many of these products consist of ingredients that have been “studied” or “tested on athletes” exactly what the protocols for the studies are or what type of athletes were used is to be highly questioned. With supplements you have to keep it simple just like your food. L-Carnitine is considered to be the most popular fat burning aid in the industry and one that has some scientific evidence to back it.

Essentially L-Carnitine is an amino acid that is produced naturally by the body. It has benefits for heart and brain function along with aiding muscle movement. Some people are required to take it as they are severely deficient in the amino acid and need it to assist with muscle disorders and a range more including diabetes and even AIDS. While the uses of L-Carnitine are incredibly interesting and widely researched the way we know it to act in the fitness/health industry is as a fat burner. How does it work though?

L- Carnitine is a fat oxidizer, it helps your body use energy (fats) more efficiently throughout the day and at rest. If you are training quite often and at a high intensity it may be wise to add in L-Carnitine at an appropriate dosage recommended by your coach/trainer.


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