The Fundamentals of Posing!

Many people think that posing is easy, it is something you can learn in a week or two or with one or two lessons. That it is also just about getting on stage and striking some poses and squeezing your biceps.

Let me tell you how far from the truth this actually is. Posing is the way you show your physique to the judges. If you can’t pose well then the judges only see a small percentage of your hard work. If they can’t see it they can’t judge it – as easy as that!!

Posing is an illusion and someone that poses really well will be able to create a bigger, better, leaner physique than the body they actually step on stage with. It takes time, lots of practice and a really good eye for detail to know how to pose well.

Posing is not about squeezing as hard as you can, it is about creating beautiful shapes and lines – and we all know that if something is aesthetically pleasing we will want to look at it much longer than something that is ugly and awkward in appearance.

Of course you do need to strike your pose, but learning which body parts to squeeze and which to keep relaxed is a bit of an art form. No one wants to see you in discomfort, shaking so much from excessive effort. Trust me, no one is going to say that looks good. Posing should look natural and effortless with grace and poise.

The very first thing I teach my posing clients is how to stand. Good posture and a strong, stable core will be your best friends when learning to pose. Your poses should be set from the ground up, very much like building a house. Start with the foundation!

The most important pose to me is your quarter turn to the front. Not because it is the first one the judges will ultimately see you perform but because, with the way I teach posing, it is the basis of every pose you will do. If you can’t get your front quarter turn looking awesome you have very little chance of getting your other poses perfect. It is in the way you hold yourself, the lift through the waist, the raise of the chest, the activation of the lats and the hold of your arm.

I think one of the most important things I can tell someone when they come to see me for their first appointment is to actually point out their faults. I don’t do or mean this in a bad way and it isn’t something personal and definitely not meant to hurt their feelings or make them feel badly about themselves. It is about knowledge. It is about knowing what isn’t perfect and either fixing it or hiding it. If you know your faults you can amend your posing to cater for them. It is just as important to tell them the good points so these can be highlighted favourably, and not hidden away from view. My attitude and methods may seem harsh and cruel but seriously, you are about to step on stage wearing very very little, I am sure you would want to know if there was something wrong with your physique and to learn how to fix or hide it.

Every posing coach is going to teach slightly differently. I am not saying that my way is right and everyone else is wrong. It is what it is – different. As long as the final outcome is the right outcome then who is to say that one method is better or more right than another.

I am not a posing coach that will just be satisfied with showing a client how to pose. I want them to understand it, and be able to correct themselves because they know how it should look and why. Ask me why I want you to do something a particular way and I will tell you. I will explain the reasoning behind my posing methods and hopefully pass on that knowledge and understanding to make you, the client, a better poser, better competitor and hopefully, a humble and deserving champion.


Jo Rogers
7 times Ms Australia
Posing Specialist
Owner/director of Style on Stage

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