The Secret to a healthy body and mind

Eating well isn’t hard. We make it hard for ourselves though a combination of outside influences. “Ohh but my friend said that makes you fat” I don’t know how many times I have heard….  “You shouldn’t drink that it gives you cancer” or the old “I read in a magazine that carbs make you fat, it must be true”

We let everyone and everything in our life dictate how we live but OURSELVES! Over the years I have trained countless people, many of them I still train and many of them I have stopped training but have become great friends with. The years before I was a trainer I did pretty much everything associated with dieting and training….. Everything. Through these experiences I have wisened up a fair bit, both through trial and error, reading lots of books and studying how the body works. I am about to reveal to you the secret to a healthy and fit body!! ARE YOU READY?

It’s this magic pill I have… No but seriously it all comes back to eating real foods most of the time and being active. That’s it.  Notice how I said MOST of the time, you have to live your life right!  Just be sensible, you aren’t stupid, you know when you have had too much. Over the years I have done countless diets I have made up for myself, did they work? Yeah sure they did for a few weeks I got down to the body fat I wanted but for what? Did I need to be that %body fat? No. Was it healthy for me to be that weight? No. Could I sustain that weight? No. However I did it and here I am today talking to you about what really matters.

There is a difference between having a healthy and fit body and “looking shredded” “or “toned”. I’m a big believer on delivering your body the nutrients it needs to sustain the most optimal health.  You can’t do that by consuming a shake 3 times a day full of processed foods and binders, fillers and artificial substances. Nor can you achieve it by starving yourself. Decreasing you intake drastically also doesn’t work. Sustainability is the key here and just be aware of that before you think about jumping on the next craze.

For me I think about when I am at my happiest as a human. It’s when I train because I want to and not because “ohh it’s chest and HIIIT day today” I eat carbohydrates every meal because I’m a fully functioning human and we need cellular energy, fibre and micronutrients to live a life full of energy and alertness. I devour salmon and avocado because it’s important for my heart health, joints and my endocrine system, and they taste amazing!  I have energy everyday and I jump out of bed. I’m not constantly sore or thinking about the food I CAN’T eat. I eat what I want but I know that eating processed foods and drinking lots of sugar and alcohol not only make me feel crap but look unhealthy. I use to be one of these people who would go to a family bbq and not eat a beef sausage and have a beer because I was “on a diet” NEWSFLASH!! One bad meal is like one workout…. It will do nothing!

Life is too short to eat chicken and broccoli every meal and train every day. If I had to do that again I would most likely poison myself… on purpose. Don’t buy into magazines/ gossip and news columns written by a failed journo looking for a hit. Educate yourself on proper nutrition and get out and do stuff! We as Homo sapiens have been around thousands of years through constantly developing skills and feeding our knowledge making us the dominant race, it is only the last blip on that timeline that we have become a species that sits at a desk 40 hours a week goes home watches a colourful glowing box and rewards ourselves with processed foods to make us feel happy for a small portion of the day. Yet this only helps us put 1 foot in the grave earlier. Sit back and reflect on that for a moment…..It wasn’t long ago that we didn’t have “highlights” Getting up and living was a highlight! That’s the way it should be though.

Sit back and think now how many times you have worried about food, how many plans, diets, programs you have invested money and time into. Lots? I bet you tried them for a while and they didn’t work for you. Probably because you were looking for a quick fix, sorry but there is no such thing. I have broken it down into simple points…

  • Eat real foods.
  • Educate yourself… It is YOUR body and your vehicle for life
  • Be active everyday… nature is beautiful go to a beach/rainforest and disagree with me
  • Don’t worry… it gets you nowhere and does zero for you
  • Enjoy your social outings with friends
  • Make new friends
  • Enjoy what you do… one life remember
  • Don’t be a gossip or listen to it
  • Cut negativity, if that means people then cut them
  • Don’t diet

I can understand how you still may feel a bit confused about food. This is totally normal as there is so much information out there preaching what is best. Nutrition is easy we just make it complicated. If you ever want to sit down and chat about your nutrition feel free to contact me for a consult.


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