The Transformational Warrior 5 minute Meditation to Clear the Mind

Are you one of those many people that find it hard to relax the mind? I talk in my online
programmes about mindfulness and this word seems to become more popular with a variety of
practitioners holistic as well as clinical. Its all about being in the now and not thinking of
anything. . .how can we get to this stage? Well a few simple triggers I have taught in my
meditation classes and Mind Body Spirit workshops has helped people to just simply stop
thinking and just breathe and focus on relaxing the body first. Here is a simple 5 minute
meditation that may help you along the way. . . .

To start you will need to find 5 minutes in your day which will be un interrupted quiet time. Sit
yourself in a comfortable chair or if prefer to sit on the floor then do so, refrain from lying down
as we want to keep alert at all times. Close your eyes and take 8 deep breaths, count to 5
slowly then hold for 2 counts then breath our for 5 slowly. Focus on your breathing and your
heart beat becoming slower, now breath normally and feel your body from your toes up to your
head completely let go of any tension and imagine your breathing out all the tension from your

Once you feel your body parts have let go of any tension feel your body floating like a wave in
the ocean, if any thoughts come into your mind just acknowledge them and then focus back on
your visualisation of your body floating in the chair for a few moments. Now feel your body
grounded back into the chair your body is weighted in the chair. Your feet are heavy on the floor
or if seated on the floor your sitting bones feel heavy on the floor.

Take 2-3 deep breaths and open your eyes, sit for a few moments before you get up slowly to
finish of the rest of your day. . . . . . ,.

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