Contact Name: Ben Coley
Business Name: Unique Muscle Enhancement
Phone: 0412 072 272


  • Cert 4 Fitness
  • Diploma of Business
  • Qualified Sport nutrition and supplement specialist (SSN)
  • Level 1 Strength and conditioning
  • Studying Bachelor of nutritional science (QUT)

Since the beginning of my career as a health professional assisting my clients to achieve their goals has always been my top priority and my passion. Adapting to specific clients needs and being a versatile and understanding trainer has made me privileged to see hundreds of people achieve their goals through the systems I’ve set out for them.I pride myself on my professionalism, my hard work ethic and living a healthy fulfilling life. Continued education keeps me on top of the game and I always strive to learn more each day because I love what I do.Nutrition is number 1 for me and I encourage all of my clients to do the same. Learning to love your food and educate yourself on the benefits of proper eating will change your way of thinking and training. By setting your mind right you will transform into the person you want to be!