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“As you may know my passion and what I teach is all about health and wellness from the mind through to our physical bodies. I still react suprised when people come up to me and say “I can’t do what you do with how hard you train and what you eat”.  People have no idea to where my journey started and this also happens to clients of mine who have an amazing body transformation and get the. . .”I couldn’t do what you do”. Our journeys need to start somewhere and the best most transformational ones come from the biggest leap of faith we take. I like to mix the two, believe and you can achieve it, make it happen by baby steps and have faith in yourself to pull through. . .simple reminders of how we can make the first step to mind body or spiritual transformation. Visualize the end result in what your wanting to accomplish on stage. You have it in you to drive to the end and focus on the END right now will make a big difference in your mindset NOW. Being aware of your thoughts in the NOW will shift you to a positive mindset to get you through to the end”. Good luck and I will see you up there shining on stage very soon”

Alli Keating The Transformational Warrior


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