Figure Statuesque is a far leaner and more muscular look, focusing on the symmetry, proportion, firmness and overall physical appearance. Figure competitors will be required to perform symmetry round quarter turns as well as the additional muscularity poses.

  • Front Double Bicep
  • Side Chest
  • Side Tricep
  • Rear Double Bicep
  • Abdominal’s and Thigh


This will be the first pose the judges call after all the girls are lined up on stage. It will be the judges’ first impression of your physique, so be sure to make it a good one. Here are some pointers to make sure you’re getting the most out of your posing: Keep your feet and legs together. If you are someone with a smaller quad sweep, turning your toes out slightly will make your legs seem larger. If your outer sweep is already impressive, keep your toes pointed forward. You are best keeping your knees and hips bent slightly so they’re not locked out.

Be sure to keep your abs tight and your mid section fully extended to so you’re up nice and tall, whilst keeping your chest out. To make your waist and hips appear smaller, flare out your lats, so that your upper body width comes out, giving you the small waist illusion. Keep your shoulders flexed and extended out to the side and void hunching! Keep your biceps and triceps tight, and keep a slight bend in the elbow, but make sure you’re relaxed from the elbows down. And last but not least, don’t forget to smile.


This will be the second pose called, and the first time the judges see your figure from the side. There is a lot more room for variation in this pose, so it’s important to choose the right position to display your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Be sure not to twist your torso too much. Keep one of your legs slightly ahead of the other, as this will break up the line of the legs and will make you appear fuller and curvier.

Arm placement may vary. You may choose to place your arms completely at your sides, or slightly place the front arm to the rear and the back to the front of the body, which may create a slightly twist in the torso. Make sure you keep your Abs in VERY TIGHT on this pose. Just like your front pose, keep your arms from the elbows down relaxed, head up, and smile, facing the side of the stage.


This pose, just like bikini fitness, can be the make or break of your contest. It is a tough one to master, so make sure you practice it A LOT!

It displays your back development and symmetry very well and will show if you are lean enough through the lower part of your body. Remember, this is a posing contest ladies. You can get on stage and look amazing, but if you haven’t mastered your poses, you may not end up where you expected. Here are some tips to make sure you’re practicing the right things in regards to your rear symmetry pose.

Just like your front pose, aim to keep your feet and legs together, and balance most of your bodyweight on your toes to enchance your calves. Keep the hammies and glutes extremely tight, but don’t squeeze your cheeks together. This will destroy the natural female shape to the glutes and often brings out more wrinkles and any cellulite you may have. Push your butt out and upwards slightly by bending forward a little, as this will create smoother glutes to achieve a smooth, curvy line. Keep your back tensed and your lats flared, then slightly pull your mid back together to bring out the mid back development. Don’t go too hard on this as it will hide your upper back width. Your arms should remain the same as your front symmetry pose, keeping elbows slightly bent, upper arms tight, and relaxed from the elbow down. Don’t forget to move your hair as well so we don’t miss out on seeing your rear development.